Building a Better Web – Web Design Essentials

By Jason Eichner

As I’ve discussed in previous articles, a good website is a vital aspect of any successful modern business. A successful business now needs a website to match; something that reflects its brand and both attracts and secures new customers. Let’s discuss a few features you should always make sure appear on your new website.

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Mobile Website

I may sound like I’m repeating myself after my SEO Essentials Guide, but a mobile website really is essential. Not just for SEO, though it is extremely important for SEO, but also for your customer experience.

The mobile user market is growing – some figures even put mobile web users as a larger demographic than desktop based web users now. However incredible your new website is, if it doesn’t work and look good on mobile then a massive portion of your viewers will not get the best experience from your site.

Some businesses still use the method of developing a whole new website just for mobile users. While this may ensure a certain level of functionality, this can often frustrate users if it does not offer the same level of service as the desktop website they are used to. I recommend you instead invest in a responsive website – a website that can move elements and blocks on the fly to match whatever screen size the user has. This has the benefit of being assured to work on all mobile devices and still looking good on obscure desktop screen sizes. An example of a responsive website is this site, Kogo Web Design, which you can view on multiple screens here.