SEO Errors – Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimisation

By Jason Eichner

It’s hard to keep up with SEO best practices these days. The dominant search engine algorithms are obtuse and hard to understand, and it seems like every day a new SEO requirement is released.

I’m going to try and remove some of the arcane wording from SEO, and reveal some of the most critical SEO mistakes that are made and how to correct them today.

Not Following Standard SEO Practices

As I said in my SEO Essentials Guide, there are some things you should do with every website to improve their SEO.

In brief, this includes always using unique and significant meta-titles and meta-descriptions, having a mobile friendly version of the site available, and using your focus keywords in your titles and copy.

It’s extremely important to do all of these things, as they all have a significant impact on SEO rankings across multiple search engines and algorithms. Take a look through the guide for more details on these SEO best practices.